Operating Equipment Effectiveness Dashboard

Multitech Industries, a $100 MM manufacturer of auto parts across 10 locations in US, Taiwan and Mexico wanted a solution to track their main business KPI – Operating Equiment Effectiveness or OEE.

The following were the main business requirements:

  • Should be intuitive and provide actionable intelligence
  • Should allow drill down abilities to identify problem source and take corrective action
  • The data should be near real time
  • Should be untethered so that it is accessible via smart phones and tablets

The old solution was a very cumbersome, non-intuitive and extremely time consuming tabular report.

The report took more than 3 hours to filter out bad data and then consolidate in another spreadsheet for roll ups by workstation, operator etc. There were other challenges and drawbacks :

  • Required IT expertise to be able to do all the work
  • The report was not useful for senior executives for making business decisions
  • Did not allow users to identify exceptions and do root cause analysis

The new solution developed has the following features:

  • Very intuitive and provide a quick executive overview
  • Allow the user to view the data for any time period
  • Identify underperformers for corrective action

The solution architecture has the following features:

  • Cloud based solution
  • Automatic data upload to the cloud from the customers on-premise MES system
  • Built in email messaging to alert the users on their smart phones

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