Magento 2 Upgrade

Magento 1.x is nearing the end of its official support and upgrade lifecycle. What this means is that there will be implications with respect to site security and an increase in business risk. It is important that your business risk is minimized by implementing the Magento 2.x platform.

This is also a great opportunity for a business refresh in terms of incorporating lessons learnt to improve traffic and conversions.

While many may consider this migration to Magento 2 as a necessary evil, we consider this as an opportunity to innovate and streamine to provide an even better customer experience.

Scope of work

Migrating to Magento 2 will involve the 4 tiers of the incumbent Magento 1.x system –

  • UI/UX 
  • Business rules
  • Extensions 
  • Data

In Magento the UI/UX is implemented in the theme, the business rules are either defined in the admin panel or custom extensions. Typically there will be third party developed extensions for common functions such as the search engine or payments. Data migration is an important step and requires close attention. 

Theme migration

We will cutomize the UI/UX of Magento 2 compatible theme as per business requirements.

Extensions migration

We will migrate extensions which were custom built for the site and third party provided extensions. 

Server migration

This covers all custom code which was written to implement various business rules. For the most part, this code should seamlessly migrate to Magento 2. However, there may be a situation when it may require a rewrite.

Data migration

We will migrate the customer data, order data, catalog data and other relevant data using the Data Migration Toolkit provided. However if needed, there are third party tools available as well.


We will migrate all integrations including email, ERP, CRM, shipping and freight systems. Our team is experienced with web services and third party extensions.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Extensive regression testing will be carried out to ensure that all the features, functions, data and integrations have been upgraded to Magento 2 successfully.

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