Digitizing Supply Chains

Supplier EDI portals are part of our portfolio of digital commerce solutions. 

In today’s hyper competitive environment digital supply chain networks make organizations more agile, responsive and efficient. The benefits of automating the flow of digital PO’s, Invoices, Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) are many –

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Eliminate data error
  • Increased visibility

EDI integration has been a major hinderance in creating a digital supply chain network. Especially for smaller boutique suppliers who lack internal technical support.

We provide a cloud based framework for building EDI integrated supplier portals which are tailored to meet the business requirements of individual organizations.

EDI Integration

Our portal framework integrates with X12 document formats for Purchase Orders (850), Invoices (810), ASN’s (856). This list can be expanded to include any other document.

EDI Translation

Even though EDI transaction follow a standard such as X 12, but the specific implementations are unique to each customer. For example in a PO some retail customer may have the SDQ segment while others may not.

 All EDI documents get converted to user friendly formats automatically. All outgoing documents such as invoices and ASN’s will be converted to EDI formats which comply with customer specifications.

Key Capabilities

  • Receive incoming purchase orders
  • Generate and send ASN
  • Generate and send invoice
  • Supplier performance reporting
  • Dashboards and analytics

Technical Specifications

  • Architecture : Cloud based  web application
  • EDI Document Exchange : VAN/FTP
  • Data Exchange Server : C#.Net/Java-J2EE
  • UX/UI : HTML5/CSS3/


Use Cases

B2B EDI supply chain networks can be applied in a large number of business scenarios –

  • ERP integrated automotive supply chains 
  • Ecommerce integrated Drop/Ship suppliers
  • Traditional retailers with multiple outlets
  • Hybrid retailer with stores and ecommerce

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