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Becoming a data driven organization is a challenge of aligning vision, culture, technology and skills. Its a process of change and a journey which will require a team with skills in business strategy, data science, data management and software development.

Our goal is to help you realize that vision and be a trusted partner in that journey by contributing with the latest data science technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Operations Research and Statistics.

Our software engineering team has decades of experience in software development, data management and system integration. By forging together skills in data science, data warehousing, data visualization we offer solutions in –

  • Descriptive analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics

Our work has focused in Manufacturing, Financial Services, ECommerce and Digital Marketing Analytics

What Makes Us Different

Data Science Expertise

We are affiliated with a network of highly qualified data scientists and researchers with PhD’s in Operations Research, Statistics and AI

Original Algorithms

We develop models and algorithms from first principles and specifically for the problem at hand. We do not use open source third party algorithms.

Industry Experience

Wide range of industry expertise for practical problem solving. Our data scientists have experience in manufacturing, logistics finance, retail and ecommerce

Valid Results

Many analytics projects suffer from garbage-in-garbage-out syndrome. We use proper model testing and validation techniques to ensure valid results.

Case Studies


  • Operating Equipment Effectiveness dashboard to monitor efficiency and performance of an automobile parts manufacturing process
  • Magento Sales Dashboard for a reseller of industrial hardware
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster dashboard. These powerful dashboards provide insight into web site traffic and organic search keywords data.

Predictive Analytics

  • Market basket analytics to predict consumer need given past buying behavior. It can be applied as a product recommendation system for online purchases. The dashboard is integrated with Magento for tracking customer purchases.
  • Demand forecasting for a retailer
  • Predicting the portfolio returns of hedge fund managers based on their investment style

Prescriptive Analytics

  • Designed and developed an investment portfolio optimizer based on Black Litterman model. The optimizer allowed the investment manager to provide investment goals such as maximize returns and/or minimize risks


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