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The Opportunity

We design and build software applications, reports, dashboards and analytical tools for data driven business analysis and decision support. With our products and solutions business managers gain insights for achieving critical business goals.

By forging together skills in ecommerce technologies, digital marketing techniques, data science and information technology, Aurora Digital Group builds solutions which integrate data from multiple sources ecommerce transactions data, customer data, web traffic data, social media and financial data.

  • Driving Traffic
  • Generate Leads
  • Minimize Conversions
  • Minimize Cart Abadonment
  • Maximize AOV
  • Build Buisness Brand Value

Custom Solutions

We design, build, integrate, host and support custom built analytics solutions which provide insights into consumer behavior, effectiveness and ROI of online paid marketing campaigns, web site traffic and engagement.

We engage with clients starting with understanding their business requirement and pain point. We look at all the relevant data sources for a deeper dive. Any solution will be developed through a process of collaborative analysis and discussions within the context of background information and customer feedback.

We design and build a robust data management infrastructure needed for analytis solutons. We collect, house, clean and transform, integrate and distribute right data to the right people at the right time.

Data Management

Data is the life blood of all analytics and we have great exertise in managing structured and unstructured data.

We will set up the Google tool set to collect web site organic and paid visitor traffic and navigation data. To hasten the process, we have ready data connectors and predesigned datawarehouse models for Google Analytics and Googl e Web Master Tools data. This cloud based data warehouse can be accessed through a secure login by authorized users from all devices.

We have ready data connectors and datawarehouse models for Magento and Woo Commerce, the leading ecommerce platforms. These data models can be easily adapted for other platforms such as Shopify or a custom built ecommerce platform.

We have ready data connectors for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp and Twitter. These platforms provide historical data for an extended time period. Many clients choose not to house historical data on their own servers but rather just the data for the report or the dashboard.

We have developed web services to pull data from ERP and CRM packages including Infor ERP, SAP,  in Connecting with ERP/CRM requires


Building digital marketing reports can be a challenge –

  • Multiple islands of data – Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Tag Manager,  social media, ecommerce systems and others.
  • Each source is uniquely different with a very large number of fields
  • No single UI for all the reports.

Our reports provide detailed analysis of various metrics and KPI’s  of measuring the performance and effectiveness of digital marketing programs executed:

  • Web site traffic – Organic and Paid
  • Visitor Engagement Reports
  • Visitor Segmentation Reports
  • Brand Awareness Reports
  • Paid Marketing Performance and ROI Reports
  • Social Media Listeners
  • Conversion Reports
  • Sales & Revenue Reports
  • Other custom reports

Executive Reports

Senior executives need an overview of the business operations and overall performance. By tracking KPI’s and business metrics with powerful data visualization in dashboards, executives can stay connected even when they are traveling and on the road.

  • Custom built dashboards
  • Sales dashboard
  • Customer dashboard
  • Social media engagement dashboard
  • Website traffic dashboard
  • Website visitor engagement dashboard
  • Other

These are just some examples of dashboards that have proven to be very beneficial for digital marketing and ecommerce executives.

We can build these dashboards on any platform of choice such as Tableau,Qlikview or on our platform, Skorboard.

Skorboard is our cloud based BI As A Service platform where we buildand host customer solutions using open source technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, D3 visualization library, R, MySQL and other tools.

Custom Analytics Algorithms

  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Propensity Modeling
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Decision Trees

Why Us?

  • More than 25 years of IT experience in software design, development, integration and testing
  • One stop shop for IT, Site Marketing and Support needs.
  • Global resources for round the clock development and customer support


Transforming Retail, Manufacturing & Enterprise with Digital Technologies.



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